12 Facts About Farting You Probably Did Not Know #health #food #healthyfood #homeremedies #keto

12 Facts About Farting You Probably Did Not Know #health #food #healthyfood #homeremedies #keto

1.In comparison to women, men tend to fart a lot more and seem to be more comfortable with it. It is a known fact that men do not find it as awkward as women to fart when they are not alone.

2. Did you know that the word ‘fart’ was coined in 1962 and is defined as wind emerging from the anus? Funny, right?

3. We fart most while we are asleep. Thank goodness!

4. Farts travel at 10 feet per second.

5. They are made up of hydrogen sulfide that decreases mitochondrial harm. This fact you might have known. However, did you know that smelling the odor could actually be healthy? The next time you or someone around you farts, be grateful.

6. A healthy, typical person farts around 14 times a day.

7. The 14 farts that we let out are just enough to fill a whole balloon. How about that?

8. If you are someone who farts around 14 times a day, then consider yourself healthy. However, if you are farting a lot less than this or not at all, you should visit a doctor.

9. The difference between those who fart quieter and let you horrible loud noises is the size of their sphincter. The tighter the sphincter, the louder the fart!

10. Out of all the animals and such, termites harvest the most fart. After that, follow sheep, camels, zebras, elephants, dogs and cows.

11. The next time your chew gum or drink soda, think twice. They increase your chances of farting.

12. Compared to men, women contain more concentration of hydrogen sulfide, and therefore have smellier farts. However, they are healthier to smell than men’s are.

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