11 Early Warning Signs of Cancer You Should Never Ignore

It is an alarming fact to know that cancer is the most dangerous disease in the world, which is affecting thousands of people in the US. In the US, after heart attack disease, cancer is namely known as the most common disease whose death rate is increasing with every single year. There was a time when cancer was not a curable disease. But now, as medical technology has been advancing, you can successfully diagnose the cancer ailment. Cancer can just be cured if you detect it at the early stages.

Cancer is divided into different types i.e., lungs, mouth, breast, kidney, leg, and so on. Some of the cancer types will show specific symptoms before they take birth in your body. But there are some cancer types which never show you any signs. Well here we are sharing a complete list of vital signs of cancer which you should never ignore:

Sign No 1: Swelling on Face and Neck 

The first sign of cancer is related to the swelling on the face and neck, which is most common in lung cancer. You can also encounter swelling conditions on the arms and upper chest of your body. Upper chest swelling can take place when a cancer tumor is pressurizing the pain that is traveling from head to your heart. This sign is also known as superior vena cava obstruction.

Sign No 2: Extreme Bone Pain 

Another significant sign of cancer is related to bone pain. In this condition, you will be feeling a particular sensation and aching in your bones. This has been one of the most signs of cancer. This sign is mostly observed in bone cancer. As the pain grows in your bones, the level of bone aching and irritation will become high even more. It can lead you to face obstructions in lifting things and walking or running.

Sign No 3: Sensation Loss 

Do you sometimes feel some tingling in your foot when you are sleeping? Well, this condition is known as sensation loss. If you are continually experiencing this condition every single night, then consulting your medical doctor is so much important. Having a loss of sensation in more than two body parts is a significant sign of cancer in the spinal cord or the cerebrum.

Sign No 4: Weakness in Muscles 

If you are not able to perform your daily activities or tasks efficiently, then it means your muscles are weak. If your muscles are weak and you might experience some swelling in the muscles, then this is the point in which you should consult your doctor. This sign is mostly observed in lung cancer. Lungs cancer firstly makes your muscles weak and creates a feeling of disorder in them.

Sign No 5: Sudden Loss in Weight 

If you are suddenly losing weight, then there is nothing to feel happy about it. If you are losing weight without involving yourself in any diet plan or gym routine, then this is the first sign of cancer. As soon as cancer cells starts to grow in your body, they will first of all attack on your body energy. This energy will prevent your body from consuming any vitamins or proteins, which will lead to a sudden loss of weight.

Sign No 6: Condition of Fatigue

Having exhaustion and constant weakness is another significant sign of cancer which you should be concerned about. This condition of fatigue can often lead to bringing the results of pain or vomiting in your body. This sign is mostly observed in almost all types of cancers.

Sign No 7: Pain in Stomach

Another significant sign of cancer which you should never ignore is stomach pain. Having constant and high pain in the stomach is mostly observed in lung cancer and liver cancer. Sometimes the upset condition of your stomach can also be a significant sign of colorectal cancer. Just listen to your stomach when they give you constant pain.

Sign no 8: Heartburning Condition

Facing constant heartburn or sudden pain in your chest area is the first sign of esophageal cancer. If you feel any pain in chest or heartburn after having your meal, then visit your medical health expert right now.

Sign No 9: Persistent Cough 

Another most common sign of cancer is facing persistent cough conditions. If you are continually coughing for the last so many weeks, then it can be a significant sign of pneumonia or bronchitis. This has been one of the most signs of cancer. But if it is lasting for so long months, then this condition can give rise to cancer disease. This sign is mostly observed in lung cancer.

Sign No 10: Aching In Chest 

Next on our list, we will be mentioning the pain in the chest! This sign is mostly observed in breast cancer. Breast cancer is just common in women at a high percentage. In this condition, they might experience a purple breast or swollen chest. Mammograms are used for diagnosing breast cancer in women.

Sign No 11: Problems of Swallowing

Lastly, we will be discussing the problems of swallowing! If you are finding any difficulty in eating or swallowing, then this is the point to consult your doctor right now. This sign is mostly observed in throat cancer or esophageal. This can be one of the significant signs of lungs or mouth cancer, as well. This has been one of the most signs of cancer. At early stages, you will feel a sudden heaviness in your throat or a specific change in your voice.

Well, above all these signs, there are different other signs or symptoms of cancer which you should never ignore. No matter whether it is a male or female, or no matter at whatsoever age you are, taking care of your health is so much relevant and valuable. You should instantly consult your health professional as soon as you encounter any cancer signs in your body. Make sure you detect it at the early stages, so even the doctors won’t be facing any issues to diagnose it.

11 Early Warning Signs of Cancer You Should Never Ignore


Home Smells Amazing, Make Your House Smell So Good With This DIY Mixture

So, here is how to prepare:

You will need:

A tablespoon of baking soda
3 cups of lukewarm water
3 tablespoons of fabric softener


  1. Pour the fabric softener in an empty spray bottle.
  2. Pour water and baking soda.
  3. Close the bottle and shake it well. That’s it, a wonderful home fragrance mixture is born. Spray all around your home. Another good quality of this mixture is that it stays longer.

Did you like this idea? You may want to save this pin for later.

home smells wonderful

10 ways men act when they don’t love youEveryone wants to have a perfect…

10 ways men act when they don’t love youEveryone wants to have a perfect…

10 ways men act when they don’t love youEveryone wants to have a perfect…
10 ways men act when they don’t love youEveryone wants to have a perfect romantic relationship. We all want to meet true love and live with this person happily ever after. Unfortunately, very often everything turns to be much more complicated than we think at first. The reality we live in is completely different from our dreams and expectations. That’s why very often [& #8230;] The post 10 ways men act when they don’t love you appeared first on Healthy Lifestyle.

10. He’s been away for months, and then he returns as if nothing happened.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: He wrote to you or called you after being silent for a long time.

What you think it means: He was too busy and had no time to write to me. He was kidnapped and only escaped this morning. Or he was imprisoned, but he was innocent. And, of course, he used every minute he had to think about me.

What it really means: He is wondering if you are still alive and if you still love him.

9. He starts a conversation, but he doesn’t support it.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: He starts a conversation, and then he disappears.

What you think it means: He has some urgent business to attend to. His battery died. He was abducted by aliens. A bird was flying by and stole his phone. But he most definitely wanted to talk to me.

What it really means: He just wanted to remind you of himself in case you are in a good mood and you have forgotten the past.

8. He doesn’t try to continue communication offline.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: You have been in an online conversation for a long time, but he still hasn’t suggested a meeting.

What you think it means: He is very modest, and he is scared of me saying “no.” He is scared of his own feelings. He is not ready to meet such a wonderful girl. But he will definitely ask me on a date later.

What it really means: He doesn’t want to invite you. He just needs to talk…but not in real life.

7. He uses you in his elaborate schemes.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: You had a great time together, and he suddenly disappeared.

What you think it means: He needs some more time to accept the fact that he now has a treasure like me. He is testing my patience. He has problems at work, and he has no time for love right now. But tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or some other day, everything will be good between us.

What it really means: He is not interested in you as a constant partner.

6. He wants to be a competitor for other guys who are interested in you.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: He appears only in those moments when some other guy is interested in you.

What you think it means: He is jealous. Things are going to be different from now on. He has finally realized that there are other men who are interested in me, so now he will be scared of losing me.

What it really means: He needs constant competition. A relationship without it is just not interesting to him.

5. He is looking for a “special” relationship…but not love.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: He suggested staying friends, but he keeps flirting anyway.

What you think it means: He hasn’t realized that he is in love with me. He is afraid of me saying “no.” He can’t resist my charms. He thinks we should become good friends first before we have a romantic relationship.

What it really means: He clearly understands that you are in love with him. And as long as it’s fun for him, he will play along. But he will soon be bored, or maybe he’ll get a girlfriend and won’t need you anymore.

4. He doesn’t spend enough time on you, and he only comes to you when he needs to.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: You meet occasionally after work.

What you think it means: He is so busy. The only free hour he has he spends on a romantic meeting with me. It’s so nice. Sometimes, he even spends the night even though he could go home. Well, I get it. He is so exhausted that he just can’t go home.

What it really means: It’s very convenient for him to have a constant sex partner. But soon, he will have a relationship and a real girlfriend, and his job will suddenly not be as important as it is right now. And you will just ask yourself, “WHY?!”

3. He doesn’t introduce you to his family or friends.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: You are kind of a couple, but you rarely see his family or friends. Or maybe you don’t know them at all. You spend all the important holidays separately.

What you think it means: He doesn’t want to embarrass me. He is very close with his friends and family, which is why he spends more time with them than with me. He is worried that I might not like them.

What it really means: You don’t matter to him as much as his friends and family do. He doesn’t want them to think that you are his girlfriend or, even worse, his bride. It’s because he doesn’t see you that way.

2. He acts like a friend.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: You communicate online all the time. You see each other often because you know the same people. You have a good time together, but there is nothing romantic about it.

What you think it means: He loves me, but the wounds he got in his previous relationship have not healed yet, so he doesn’t want to push it. I will be his best friend, and then he’ll understand that he loves me.

What it really means: You are a great friend, and it’s nice being with you. But you are not his girlfriend. You are nothing more than just a friend.

1. He doesn’t want to discuss your future together, and he doesn’t want any changes.

10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

What happened: When you try to talk about your future, he becomes very mysterious and gets very angry. And sometimes, he simply says, “I don’t know.”

What you think it means: He is not used to the fact that our relationship is very serious. He wants to propose to me so that it’s a surprise. However, he has some financial troubles, and he doesn’t want me to have them on my shoulders. When he fixes those problems, we will get married.

What it really means: You don’t seem to be the best candidate for his wife and the mother of his children. He likes the way things are between you right now, but he doesn’t want anything more. He doesn’t want to talk about the future because he doesn’t want to change anything.


Have you ever questioned yourself if you make love to your partner too often or not enough? It is a general problem nowadays of our everyday life that we do not have enough quality time with our partner. Add the stress to this one and the fact that we are so different and there you have it.

According to some people, they find that having sex two times a week is just enough. However, there are people who does not think the same, and this is just not enough according to them. Their opinion is that it is required much more than only two times weekly.

A Kinsey Institute research about how often you shall make love according to your age has shown the following results:

Here is what the results showed:

16-29: on average 192 times a year; 30-39 years: on average 144 times a year; 40-49 years: on average 108 times a year; 50-64 years: on average 78 times a year. In addition to this, 13% of the married couples have sex only a couple of times in a year and 45% of them have sex a couple of times in a month. Furthermore, 34% have sex two to three times in one week, and 7 % of the married couples have sex four or more times per week. Afterwards, one website called “Your Tango” have conducted their own research amongst their readers who are married, with the intention to find out which are the minimal, average and ideal number of sexual activities during the course of one month.

· Minimum: Twice a month;

· Average: Twice a week;

· Ideal: Four to five times a week.

The 9 Best Ways to Lose Arm Fat

Shedding stubborn body fat can be tricky, especially when it’s concentrated in a specific area of your body.

The arms are often considered a problem area, leaving many people seeking out ways to lose extra arm fat.

Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to slim down and tone your arms.

Here are 9 ways to decrease arm fat and promote overall weight loss.

How to Lose Arm FatShare on Pinterest
1. Focus on Overall Weight Loss

Spot reduction is a technique that focuses on burning fat in a specific part of your body, such as the arms.

Though spot reduction is popular in the fitness industry, most studies have found it to be ineffective.

One study in 104 people showed that completing a 12-week resistance training program using only the non-dominant arm increased overall fat loss but had little impact on the specific area being exercised (1Trusted Source).

Another small 12-week study found that resistance training focussing on one leg was effective at decreasing overall body fat but did not reduce body fat in the leg being trained (2Trusted Source).

Therefore, it’s best to focus on overall weight loss and use exercise for muscle toning rather than fat loss.

SUMMARYMultiple studies show that spot reduction is ineffective. Instead, try using specific exercises for muscle toning and focus on overall weight loss.

2. Start Lifting Weights

Resistance training is a type of exercise that involves working against a force to build muscle mass and increase strength.

Lifting weights is a common example. While it may not cause fat loss in your arms specifically, it can help increase overall fat loss and tone your arms to help them look slimmer.

For example, one 12-week study in 28 women with type 2 diabetes showed that performing low-intensity resistance training promoted total fat loss while increasing muscle mass and strength (3Trusted Source).

Another study in 109 people observed that resistance training alone or combined with aerobic exercise was more effective at increasing lean body mass than aerobic exercise alone (4Trusted Source).

Building lean body mass can help boost metabolism and increase the number of calories burned at rest throughout the day (5Trusted Source).

Bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, overhead presses, and upright rows are a few examples of exercises that can help tone your arms and boost muscle mass.

SUMMARYLifting weights can help decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, and tone your arms to help them appear slimmer.

3. Increase Your Fiber Intake

Adding a few additional servings of fiber to your diet can jumpstart weight loss and help you lose excess body fat.

Fiber moves slowly through your digestive system, which increases the amount of time it takes to empty your stomach and helps you feel fuller for longer (6Trusted Source, 7Trusted Source).

According to one study in 252 women, each gram of dietary fiber consumed was associated with 0.25% less body fat and 0.5 pounds (0.25 kg) less body weight over 20 months (8Trusted Source).

In another review, increasing daily fiber intake by 14 grams for 4 months was linked to a 10% reduction in total calorie intake and 4.2 pounds (1.9 kg) of weight loss — without making any other changes (9Trusted Source).

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes are some examples of nutritious, high-fiber foods that you can enjoy as part of a healthy diet.

SUMMARYEating more fiber can enhance feelings of fullness to reduce hunger and increase overall weight loss.

4. Add Protein to Your Diet

Increasing your intake of protein is another simple way to curb cravings and keep your appetite under control. This, in turn, may support weight management and help you reduce excess body fat.

A study in 20 young women found that eating a high-protein breakfast reduced hunger, increased fullness, and decreased levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger (10Trusted Source).

Another small study showed that consuming more quality protein at meals was associated with less belly fat. This suggests that a high-protein diet could help improve body composition and increase fat loss (11Trusted Source).

Meat, poultry, seafood, legumes, eggs, and dairy products are all high-protein ingredients that can help you lose arm fat fast.

SUMMARYProtein can help decrease hunger and increase fullness. Higher protein intake may aid both weight and fat loss.

5. Do More Cardio

Cardio is a type of exercise that focuses on elevating your heart rate to burn calories.

When trying to lose arm fat, including cardio in your daily routine is essential.

Studies show that cardio can be an effective strategy for weight loss and can increase lean body mass (12Trusted Source, 13Trusted Source, 14Trusted Source).

For example, one study in 141 people showed that pairing 40 minutes of cardio 3 times per week with a weight management program resulted in a 9% decrease in body weight in just 6 months (15Trusted Source).

It’s typically recommended to do at least 20–40 minutes of cardio per day, or between 150–300 minutes each week (16Trusted Source).

Jogging, biking, rowing, swimming, jumping rope, and dancing are all activities that can help you meet your daily cardio goals.

SUMMARYCardio can help increase weight loss and fat burning to help you lose arm fat over time.

6. Cut Down on Refined Carbs

Refined carbs are carbohydrates that have undergone processing, resulting in a final product that is lower in several key vitamins and minerals.

Typically, refined carbs are high in calories but low in fiber, which can cause blood sugar levels to increase more rapidly and result in hunger (17Trusted Source).

While whole grain intake is associated with decreased weight gain and body fat, eating more refined grains has been linked to increased body fat (18Trusted Source, 19Trusted Source, 20Trusted Source).

Examples of refined carbs that are often lacking in nutrients include pasta, white bread, breakfast cereals, and other pre-packaged ingredients.

Instead, select whole-grain foods like quinoa, buckwheat, barley, oats, sorghum, and spelt and enjoy in moderation.

SUMMARYRefined carbs are low in nutrients and may be linked to weight gain and increased body fat. Focus on whole-grain foods instead and enjoy them in moderation.

7. Set a Sleep Schedule

Aside from making modifications to your diet and exercise regimen, getting enough sleep each night is another important factor to consider for losing arm fat.

Several studies have found that sleep plays a role in regulating appetite and may also enhance weight loss.

For instance, one study in nine men found that just one night of sleep deprivation caused increased feelings of hunger and higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite (21Trusted Source).

Another small study showed that participants who slept 5.5 hours each night lost 55% less weight. Moreover, they lost 60% more lean body mass than those who slept 8.5 hours per night (22Trusted Source).

Try setting a regular sleep schedule by going to bed at the same time throughout the week, avoiding distractions before bed, and minimizing your exposure to stimulants like nicotine and caffeine.

SUMMARYNot getting enough sleep can increase hunger and slow down weight loss, which could prevent fat loss in the arms.

8. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water each day is very important when it comes to losing arm fat.

Some research suggests that drinking water with meals could promote feelings of fullness and decrease the total amount of food and the number of calories consumed (23Trusted Source, 24Trusted Source).

Water may also help temporarily increase metabolism, with one study showing that drinking 16.9 ounces (500 ml) of water increased the metabolic rate by 30% for 30–40 minutes (25Trusted Source).

However, be sure to select water, tea, or other unsweetened beverages instead of sugar-sweetened drinks like soda or juice.

Regular consumption of these high-calorie drinks can quickly cause extra calories to add up and may contribute to weight gain over time (26Trusted Source).

SUMMARYDrinking water can support weight loss by increasing feelings of fullness, decreasing food intake, and temporarily enhancing metabolism.

9. Do Bodyweight Exercises

If you don’t have access to a gym or are running short on time, doing bodyweight exercises is a great way to enhance muscle tone in your arms and keep them looking slim.

Bodyweight exercises involve using your body as a form of resistance to build up muscle mass and strength.

It’s not only convenient and budget-friendly but can also produce some pretty impressive results.

For example, one study in 23 men found that calisthenics — a type of exercise that involves minimal use of gym equipment — was effective at increasing upper body strength (27Trusted Source).

Next time you work out, try doing upper-body exercises like tricep dips, planks, and push-ups to build muscle strength and tone your arms.

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying For Help


8. Insomnia, irritability, and leg cramps

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help

If you have these signs, your body needs magnesium and potassium. To replenish these vital elements, add tomatoes, oranges, bananas, and spinach to your everyday diet.

7. Dry skin

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help

Dryness of the skin may signify a lack of vitamin E. Therefore, you should eat more vegetables, oil, nuts, and fish.

6. Sweet tooth

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help

If you suddenly feel a strong desire to have something sweet, then stress, depression, or exhaustion may be the cause. Your body is asking for glucose. Oblige it, and to avoid gaining weight, better have some dark chocolate or honey.

5. Desire to eat ice

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help

If you find yourself wanting to eat some ice, then you may have anemia — iron deficiency. The best sources of iron are beef, eggs, and molluscs. However, it’s still better to consult a doctor if you want to eat ice and lack energy.

4. Bleeding gums

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help

Sudden or constant bleeding of your gums when you brush your teeth is a telltale sign of a vitamin C deficiency. Include the following products in your meals: citrus fruits, spinach, green and red bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.

3. Fragile nails and hair

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help

Your body is telling you that it lacks vitamin B. Drink more milk, and have some nori seaweeds and mushrooms.

2. Rings around the irises

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help


Such rings may appear in people over 50 years old, and that’s normal. However, if it appears in a younger person, then it’s a sign of high cholesterol levels. You should consult a doctor about this.

1. Greek foot

8 Signs That Your Body Is Crying for Help

A Greek foot or a “Morton’s toe” is a longer second toe on your foot, and that could be a cause of callusing and/or discomfort on the ball of the foot at the base of the second toe. It could also make your footwear really uncomfortable, so you will need to watch out for a certain type and style.

Underwear Mistakes You’re Probably Making Every Day !!!

Not wearing cotton

Let’s face it, ladies, cotton underwear may not be the sexiest choice you can make — but it’s the healthiest. “Silk and synthetic fabrics are not breathable, which increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained, which can create a yeast or bacterial infection,” Donnica Moore, M.D., told The Huffington Post. She added that if you must wear underwear made from synthetic fabrics, you should at least choose a pair with a cotton-lined crotch. Limit the silky panties to special occasions — especially those where they won’t stay on very long.

Wearing thongs

Thongs may be the perfect solution to panty lines when you’re rocking your yoga pants, but they come with risks that are just, well, gross. “If you have a little bacteria — E. coli is the most common bacteria in the colon — in the back part of the fabric and you’re physically active, that material may move,” Dr. Jill M. Rabin told The Huffington Post. “All it has to do is move an inch or two and it’s next to the vagina or urethra. That thong may be depositing colonic bacteria into your vagina or urethra.”

If that’s still not enough to make you ready to trash your thongs, irritation from the thin material can also lead to skin tags on the vulva and rectum — probably not the look you’re going for down there. Rabin added that choosing cotton thongs, wearing them for short periods of time, and keeping yourself clean will probably keep you healthy… but is this underwear mistake worth it?

Wearing the wrong size

No one wants to wear underwear that sag — it’s uncomfortable and unsightly. But wearing too-tight underwear is just as big of a mistake, and might even be worse. Wearing too-tight clothing in any area of the body can lead to chafing and irritation, and the vagina is no different. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a good place to be dealing with chafed skin.

Read More: https://www.thelist.com/41446/underwear-mistakes-youre-probably-making/?utm_campaign=clip

Japanese Water: The Key To Burn All The Fat From The Waist, Back And Thighs ! It Will Make You Look

The process on which the ginger water will help you to lose your weight is that it is good in nutrient absorption which is stimulated by the excess production of bile in the stomach.  This will help your stomach to digest the food faster and better. With better digestion you will have absorption of the healthy nutrients, and elimination of the bad ones, which will prevent you from collecting fats.

Furthermore, we are going to tell you the other benefits that you will have if you drink ginger water.

1. Normalizes the blood pressure
Ginger has an active substance inside which will regulate the circulation and will keep the blood pressure in normal.

2. Floods your body with antioxidants
The antioxidants are very helpful in our organism; they are the ones which we need in case of losing weight.

3. Reduces the cholesterol level
Cholesterol is often connected with blood pressure. Ginger helps in regulating the cholesterol levels.

4. Treats infections
It is so strong, so when you decide on alternative medicine, use ginger. It will definitely help.

5. Anti-inflammatory agent
The ginger water is very powerful against inflammations. It can be used for treating arthritis and gout.

6. Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
Ginger has the ability to boost the digestion and stimulate the release of bile in the stomach.

7. Treat the flu and colds
People in the past used ginger for different diseases, in-between were flu and cold too. You just need to consume it regularly.

8. Treats digestive problems
As we already said, ginger is good for digestive problems. It will eliminate bloating and fatigue.

9. Supports the immune system
It is helping the organism to create the positive bacteria and eliminate the negative one.

10. Relieves joint pain
As it works against inflammation, then it is good for arthritis and will eliminate the pain in the joints.
It has the power to create a new positive bacteria and eliminate the negative one. So that is how you will make your immune system stronger.

In addition to these benefits, we are going to present you the recipe for the ginger water.

1.5 l. water
Several ginger slices
Lemon juice

Method of preparation:
Add the water in the pan and leave it to boil. The ginger needs to be washed and peeled, and cut them in slices.
Once the water boils, add the slices into the pan.
Drink the remedy during the whole day.

As the experts say, the ginger water will give your the result that you are asking for. It is very powerful, because the ginger will boost your metabolism, and you will waste everything you are consuming and even more.

That is the secret to all the slim girls.

And the ones who are much fuller have slow metabolism.

That is why this ginger water is the best for you and for eliminating the excess weight.

Treat Еczema With Diet and Healing Herbs!!!


  • Parts of chronic dry, thickened skin itching, usually on the wrists, face and internal bending of knees and elbows
  • Skin lesions, red areas of skin, peeling of the skin: in people with dark skin, discoloration of the skin; sometimes small protuberance or bubbles under which a little liquid flows

Strictly speaking, the eczema is a form of dermatitis characterized by chronically inflamed skin and itching. The affected area, as a rule, becomes dry, the skin is peeling, and sometimes creates bubbles. When the eczema occurs in people with fair skin, the affected parts normally receive brownish-gray color; in people with dark skin that usually changes the natural pigmentation, making the affected area bright or dark. Eczema usually appears on the face, arm wrists and knees, but is not limited to those places.

Eczema – also known as atopic dermatitis- diagnosed between 3 and 7 percent of the population, and in 70 percent of patients it represents a hereditary disease.It is most common in young children, and most recover before the age of two years. If this is permanent, the child will probably chronically suffer from it and may experience exaggerated overfed, brownish-gray skin of the places where it occurs most often. Eczema is often associated with asthma, so that children with this disorder may be in greater danger of skin complaints. Since the eczema can partly be internal reaction to any form of external stress, initial treatment focuses on alleviating and addressing the possible cause.


Many cases of the eczema are associated with allergies. In sensitive people the appearance of eczema may be due to eating a certain food type; cow’s milk, eggs, wheat and walnuts – as well as inhalation of irritant substances carried by air particles such as dust or pollen. Eczema is also a consequence of contact with irritant substances in ordinary materials such as wool and synthetic fabrics, latex – tires, some detergents, products based on chlorine, minerals of nickel gilt / silver earrings and other jewelry and chemicals such as formaldehyde, which is located in fabrics which do not require ironing, a color for shoes, carpets, the foam insulation and plywood.

In people susceptible to eczema, doctors believe that the eczema can be caused by changing the way the immune system of the person reacts to a certain kind of physical, chemical or emotional caused stress. Besides the contact with possible allergies, each event with emotional impact – from moving to a new job – can prompt inflammation disorder.

Chinese healing herbs

Studies show that a mixture of traditional teas from herbs can act beneficially in some patients with eczema. Among these plants are considered the root (Ledebouriella divaricata), root (Rehmannia gutinosa) and Asian root (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), which are said to act against inflammatory , and peony (Paeonia lactiflora), which is said to act on the immune system. Researchers warn such mixtures should not be used that long due to possible liver toxicity and skin disease because it can be recovered after the patients stop drinking this tea. Because of the wide range of Chinese herbal products, a qualified expert should monitor your long-term treatment.

Treating with healing herbs

The evidence confirm that the oil from yellow vampire (Oenothera biennis) can effectively cure the itching associated with eczema. Some experts consider it the same as cortico steroids  without their possible accompanying actions. People with liver disease or high cholesterol should use this kind of treatment only under medical supervision and pregnant women should not use it because of its action of estrogen and progesterone.

Roots of (Arctium lappa) root of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) can also be effective in treating some types of eczema. Drink 1 teaspoon of liquid extract per day. You can also cook teas from any of these roots: Put 1 teaspoon of dried root in a cup of boiling water and cook it over low heat for 10 minutes, strain it and drink it to 3 cups a day. Chamomile Ointment soothes dry skin with dandruff and helps prevent inflammation and itching. Do not use any of these herbs for more than 1 month without control of a trained professional.


Since many patients have allergy symptoms , they will have to devote particular attention to nutrition. Besides avoiding traditionally suspicious types food- cow’s milk, eggs, cornstarch and walnuts – patients must be careful of excessive amounts of red meat because fat from ANIMAL origin contain fatty acids that accelerate the inflammatory reaction of the body.

Oils from mackerel, herring and salmon are rich in eikosapentaenoic acid for which it has been proven to reduce inflammation and itching of the skin. Because you got to eat as 1 kg of fish a day to get the required amount of eikosapentaenoic acid, it is convenient to take one teaspoon of Bacalar liver or four 1,000-milligram capsules of fish oil daily.

Patients can benefit from the additional 50 mg zinc per day; many patients with eczema suffer from zinc deficiency and zinc helps the body to metabolite fatty acids. The doctor might also recommend taking vitamin A, which is also located in the oil of Bacalar liver, making it possible for the restoration and rebuilding of the skin. You can take doses up to 25,000 ME per day. To avoid the danger of overdose, particularly of vitamins that dissolve in fat, ask your doctor to monitor your progress.