Danger of UV lamps for nails …

UV lamps for nails are  dangerous after 8 times of use

Before visiting the salon for a manicure hand rubs sunscreen

In the salons of nail used UV lamps , such as lamps of tanning , to accelerate the drying and fixing paint and gel nails. Because broadcast ultraviolet lamps above ” accused ” for harmful effects on the skin and causing a risk of skin damage after 8 visits the salon for a manicure . In the literature, were recorded two cases of cancer of the skin on the hands that are associated with UV lamps for nails , no bigger doctors agree that the risk is low.



The cumulative risk of radiation 

In the new study analyzed 17 different UV lamps for drying nail to determine what is the intensity of radiation emitted . The results showed that the range of broadcasting between UV lamps was great , from those that emit little UV light to those that emit significant amounts of UV radiation . DNA damage that is believed to be cause of skin cancer caused by UV radiation intensity of about 60 J / cm2 and none of the tested lamps not emit radiation that would be close to that figure .

 However , scientists have calculated that for most of the tested lamps applies to exposure to UV radiation in an amount from 8 to 14 visits during 2 to 3.5 years reaches dangerous levels of radiation that causes DNA damage . The researchers conclude that the estimated risk obtained in this study theoretical nature , but in reality the risk of skin cancer from UV lamps for nails is very small . However , the researchers suggest that before visiting the salon for nail do my hands sunscreen .