Ear Wax is Actually Good For you – Never Clean it Again!



Ear wax is a natural substance the body creates, something similar to the slime in our nose. The main purpose it has is not nasty at all. It’s just a tradition we people tend to continue, in the bases of our complete body hygiene.

That’s why after almost every shower, we are used to taking a cotton swab and removing the earwax. However, this is not a healthy and hygiene habit at all!

Do you even know the main purpose our body creates earwax? To keep the bacteria and dust out! The earwax is greasy and that’s why bacteria and other particles from dust and other stuff from outside are able to stick on it.

Also, if insects and small crawling creatures tend to attack your body. Yes, they are blocked by the greasy earwax! You could say that the grose thing is a divine protector of your ears.

Furthermore, a study shows that using cotton swabs is not healthy, because you don’t take out the earwax. What you see on the cotton swab is such a small portion of the earwax that you actually pushed down the ear channel even more.

This could cause serious infections and also, create wax plugs in your ear, that besides making your hearing sense worse, could also be painful.

Also, fungi couldn’t survive in the ear channel. Which is a perfect place for their development, simply because of the greasy ear wax you so desperately want to clean.

Isn’t the human body a perfect organism? Why would it crate something that needs to be taken out? Everything our body creates, is for a reason.

It’s not necessary to clean your earwax, because your body actually does that! But if you developed this habit, do it while in the shower, with clean water under strong pressure. Rinse out the earwax instead of pushing it down with cotton swabs.

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