HAND DIET !!! Nutrition for weight loss

To reduce weight and keep it at a level, you do not have to constantly limit yourself to using your favorite foods. The secret of healthy weight loss is eating the right amount.
According to the scientific journal Guard Your Health, the problem of overeating in recent years is becoming more urgent. Researchers advise to control the size of consumed portions of products and offer to use this method of hand diet.

Principles of hand diet

1.Fold your hands in a handful and get the amount you need to eat at a time.
2.The size of the daily norm of carbohydrates is the size of the front part of the fist.
That is, you can eat so much pasta, boiled cereals, bread.
3.Open palm without taking into account the fingers – the number of meat products.
4.The amount of fruit shows a clenched fist.
5.Animal fats, such as butter, can be consumed in an amount equal to the volume of
the upper phalanx of the middle finger.

It is very easy to use this knowledge. It is enough to remember what the daily portion of food looks like, and divide it into 3 parts – breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Adhere to these rules of nutrition, and you do not have to exhaust yourself with diets, the main thing – to develop the habit of eating less than you used to eat earlier. This is useful not only for maintaining oneself in a tone, but for improving the condition of the whole organism, because he does not need to digest excess food.
Such information should be preserved and shared with friends who despaired of losing weight!

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