It’s cure for diabetes and excess kilograms

Say Goodbye To Diabetes And Excess Kilograms Without Any Special Effort! (RECIPE)

Diabetes mellitus is unfortunately among the most common diseases lately.

Insulin for sure can be the solution, it can normalize blood sugar levels, but why do not you try to avoid daily tingling. Let’s try some natural treatment before resorting to insulin, or if you already use insulin to try to facilitate and stimulate the work of pancreas.

Here is one simple recipe but very effective that will normalize the sugar and remove excess fluid from the body!



One leeks with roots
A bottle of mineral water approximately 2 l

Feom the amount of 2 l of water pour about 2 ounces of fluids, and the leek with small roots, previously well washed and cleansed from soil. Leave to stand for 24 hours so prepared, and then consume it instead of water. When you finish drinking the liquid prepare anothe dosage on the same way. The amount is not limited, so drink as much as you need.

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