Lose 10 lbs on this 7-day keto meal plan. Ketogenic diet is an effective…

7-Day Keto Diet Plan – Sample Menu

There are so many variations for food choices when following a ketogenic diet! And, there is simply no need to eat bland foods when so many delicious recipes are available.

Feel free to mix and match, as long as you remember the basic guidelines.

75% of your meals should be fat, 20% protein, and only 5-10% carbs. It also might be helpful to aim for 50 grams of net carbs or less when starting out.

Dish Serving Calories Fats Proteins Carbs
Day 1
Breakfast Bacon & Egg Cup with Avocado 2 cups 631 54.7g 26.45g 11.46g
Snack Raspberry Lime Popsicle 1 140 14.2g 1g 3.3g
Lunch Pesto Chicken 1 474 35g 37g 6g
Dinner Baked Salmon 1 303 19g 31g 3g
Day 2
Breakfast Toasted Coconut Cereal 1 219 18g 9g 7g
Snack Green Smoothie 1 114 10g 4g 3g
Lunch Keto Tortilla Soup 1 452 35g 25g 11g
Dinner Baked Chicken with Herbs 1 479 33.5g 32.5g 8.5g
Day 3
Breakfast Keto Bread with Butter 1 219 18g 9g 2g
Snack Chili Pepper Cauliflower Bites 1 105 7.3g 3.3g 9.3g
Lunch Chorizo Casserole with broccoli cheese soup 1 379 32.1g 17g 5.5g
Dinner Chicken Marsala w/ Cauliflower 1 538 40.36g 37.36g 5.98g
Day 4
Breakfast Keto Breakfast Sausage Sandwich 1 880 82g 32g 6g
Snack Iced Bullet Proof Coffee 1 220 20g 10g 0.3g
Lunch Eggs Salad 1 343 29g 13.9g 6.4g
Dinner Beef Stroganoff 1 410 31g 29g 5g
Day 5
Breakfast Bacon & Eggs Keto Breakfast Recipe with Avocado 1 583 48.78g 22.1g 19.73g
Snack Keto Fat Bombs 1 100 10g 2g 3g
Lunch Stuffed Chicken Avocado Salad 1 361 28g 19g 5g
Dinner Seared Scallops with Cheese Sauce 1 782 73g 24g 10g
Day 6
Breakfast Italian Baked Eggs 1 214 16g 13g 2g
Snack Flourless Chocolate Tortes 1 414 40g 8g 8g
Lunch Smoked Salmon and Avocado salad 1 124 9.09 7.63g 3.87g
Dinner Chicken Satay with Dipping Sauce 1 461 39g 26g 6g
Day 7
Breakfast Bacon and Eggs Keto Breakfast 1 422 36.8g 15.4g 10.6g
Snack Snickerdoodle Bites 1 235 28g 0g 0.2g
Lunch Keto Chili 1 354 28g 23g 5g
Dinner Rib Eye Steak with Garlic Butter 1 581 45g 31g 2g

The Takeaway

Successful keto diets are all about consistency and persistence. If you can make it through the first 7 days, you’ll be off to a fantastic start! What’s more, you’ll be amazed at how differently your body feels in ketosis.

Most people report increased energy, a lifted “brain fog,” and fewer cravings. Limit snacks to fats and protein, allowing your carbs to come from veggies and fruit instead.

Read labels to avoid sneaky sugar-laden foods, especially when it comes to beverages! And drink tons of water.

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