Mom Gets Backlash After Photo Of Her Nursing Her Friend’s Son Surfaces On The Internet!

There are several controversial topics that netizens don’t condone with, and one of them is the issue of breastfeeding a baby that isn’t yours.

An example is this mother who assists her daughter and breastfeeds her granddaughter. Although people label it weird and abnormal, the mother-daughter duo doesn’t care about the opinion of others.

Well, another breastfeeding controversy popped up, and this time it is a friend helping out another friend breastfeed her son.

Mom Gets Backlash After Photo Of Her Nursing Her Friend's Son Surfaces On The InternetLolostock /

Breastfeeding saga

Mama Bean Parenting shared a photo of a woman breastfeeding her child and a friend’s son on Facebook, and it has caused some controversy for netizens.

Jessica Anne Colletti nurses her son alongside her friend’s son, and tags the relationship ‘Milk Siblings.’

As revealed by Mama Bean Parenting, Jessica started babysitting her friend’s son when he was five months old.

The first time she dropped him off, Jessica asked permission to nurse him because she was already nursing her 3-year-old. To her surprise, her friend was happy to permit her to breastfeed the boy, and it has been bliss for the union.

She wrote:


“Being able to breastfeed her little boy has created a special bond between us all, a bond I will always cherish.”

People’s reaction to the controversy

Many internet users were disgusted by Jessica’s act and voiced their opinions in the comment section.

Skeller Love warned:


“Dude… don’t breastfeed someone else’s child. That’s just wrong.”

Susan Synott Alsdorf rebuked:


“First, the kids are too old to be breastfeeding. But breastfeeding someone’s child and posting it for the world to see is sick.”

Bini Walton reasoned:


“Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about this. I truly believe it is a sacred bond that should only be shared by mother and baby. I feel breastfeeding someone else’s baby is totally overstepping. Unless they’ve asked you to. Then go for your life. Still not sure about it though.”

However, some netizens showed support and understood Jessica’s actions.

Lilian Hernandez related:


“This is wonderful, my cousin was bfed by my aunt’s friend while she waited for her milk to come in and it didn’t harm her bond with her mother, I would rather have someone else breastfeed my child than give her formula anyway.”

Tracy McDonald gushed:


“I’ve never had kids, but i think this is fantastic and wouldn’t have an issue with another nursing mum breastfeeding my bae… nor feeding someone else’s child… perfectly normal.”

Despite the backlash, it is evident that breastfeeding is a preferable option than formula, according to the World Health Organisation’s Global Strategy On Infant And Young Child Feeding.

Hopefully, people get the proper exposure on controversial topics like this and stop with all the criticism.

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