Must Try…It’s Not Parsley But Is Very Healthy ! ! !

Gotu kola may look like parsley’s twin sister, but this herb does much more than just add flavor to your favorite dishes (although it will do that, too). The natural healing properties of this plant have been admired by followers of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years, but it’s now just making its way to the Western world, primarily in supplements and as a top ingredient in skincare products, according to a new article on Well + Good. Experts say the plant boosts brain function and gives your skin a gorgeous glow.

Here’s the rundown of gotu kola’s crazy-good benefits:

It boosts concentration: By increasing the circulation in your brain, your focus, concentration, and memory improve.

It calms anxiety: “It also has a sedating quality, so it’s really helpful in calming the mind,” says herbalist Ro Giuliano, who has prescribed the supplement to patients weaning themselves off of ADHD medication.

It’s anti-inflammatory: Ailments like arthritis and varicose veins cause a part of your body to be constantly inflamed, but gotu kola naturally reduces swelling and irritation.

It improves your skin: By regulating collagen levels and acting as an antimicrobial, skin stays firm and fights blemishes. These effects are a result of ingestion or topical solutions.