Place Onions Around Neck Over The Night And You Will Be Amazed By The Results

Onion has properties strong enough to clean your organism, cleanse the blood, purify the skin etc.

By consuming onion on regular basis you will improve your mood, , your skin will be healthier, your hair stronger, and you will prevent your body from several types of cancer.It doesn’t matter how you will consume the onion as long as you include in your eating habits.

Onion is low in calories, sodium, and fats and it always adds a special scent to your meal.

It can be prepared in various ways, but my favorite ones is definitely caramelized, roasted, grilled, and sautéed portion of onion.

In addition to the health benefits, onions are able to treat the function of the thyroid as well.

It doesn’t take much time and effort to prepare the treatment. You just need to cut one onion in two halves in the evening and apply the inner juicy part of it on your neck, with a gentle massage.

Don’t wash the juice off and let it act while you are sleeping.

Also, put some onion slices in a cotton sock and go to sleep with them. They will kill the bacteria and remove the dirt.

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