We Have Natural Treatment For Cardiac Arrhythmia

What does medicine say?

People suffering from serious heart disorders are usually required to use implanted devices:


Peacemakers are implanted devices whose role is to control irregular rhythms. The tiny device requires a minor surgery to be implanted close to the collarbone, from where it is connected to the heart with insulated wires.

Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs)

The use of this devices is not as frequent as the one of peacemakers, because they’re needed when dealing with more serious conditions, such as fast and sudden heartbeat changes in the lower parts of the heart (vertical tachycardia, for instance). Most of the time, their role is to prevent unexpected cardiac arrests which could cause instant death if not treated properly.

The same as peacemakers, ICDs are small battery-powered devices placed close to the collarbone, and consist of few electrode-typed wires that run inside the veins to control heart-beating rates.

What does alternative medicine say?

There are several alternative treatments being studied at the moment in order to prevent resorting to implanted electronic devices. To start with, there are complementary therapies that prevent irregular heart-beating by simply reducing stress. Here are some of them:



Other relaxation techniques

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is also considered to be a powerful treatment against arrhythmia and similar heart discomforts, but proving its beneficial effects is still work in progress.