The Bite Of This Mosquito Can Be Deadly And Is Spreading Around The World

Although they may seem harmless, mosquitoes can become lethal. Not all mosquitoes are bad, but for the most part, these animals can cause serious diseases in humans that can cause death.

Every day that passes we learn new diseases and new pests that tempt against our health, according to the newspaper Newline in Mexico, Peru and Venezuela has formed a plague of a mosquito that has everyone terrified, as the bite of this mosquito Is quite lethal, but the strange thing about this supposed mosquito is that it likes to eat meat either animal or human.

In Venezuela, 5 cases of stinging have been reported for this mosquito, in Mexico 2 and Peru 4, all have the same symptoms and are under treatment, so far no mortal victims have been reported but some cases of death are being investigated Are believed to be related to this pest according to Newline newspaper, is expected to control the outbreak so that it does not spread to other countries.

According to the newspaper reports, the symptoms of the bite of this mosquito appear when the infection is advanced, for that reason it is almost impossible to determine in advance if it is infected or not, the most frequent symptoms are headaches, nausea, lack of appetite And anemia, then the bruises begin to be noticed where the mosquito has infected the skin and there begins to open the flesh.

Know more about this putative pest in the video that we will leave you below, so you will learn how to protect yourself from possible bites and how to avoid the breeding grounds of this mosquito.


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