The Famous Japanese Method Of Weight Loss: Just Lie Down And Inches At The Waist Will Disappear

Like the headline says this is The Famous Japanese Method Of Weight Loss: Just Lie Down And Inches At The Waist Will Disappear

There are lots of methods of weight loss, but how efficient are they. This technique is a little bit unusual but it won’t harm if we try.

In order to get the results all you need is 5 minutes daily. The Japanese are a very practical people and they do not have time to waste. Therefore, their tips are ideal for modern society, and this is especially true on topics such as weight loss and maintaining good body lines. You probably have heard the Monks diet where you can lose up to 10 pounds for 10 days.

But here it is a completely different method, which was invented by a Japanese doctor Fukucudzy, a specialist in pelvic problems which has over ten years of experience. In fact, he came to the discovery that one of the reasons for the accumulation of centimeters in waist and deviation of pelvic bones. Experimenting, he came to the conclusion that this can be solved by using simple exercises.

It may sound too good to be true, but women around the world say it is very effective. In any case, since it is a very simple posture, it cannot hurt to try – but will take your five minutes.

The idea is that you should spend five minutes each day in a precise position with a towel under your back, because it will help you to return pelvis in place. It is interesting that this method does not come to lose weight, but only reduced waist size – due to the special stretching. Exercise is otherwise good for the back, so it is recommended to people who sit a lot and often feel pain in the spine.

From towels, which should be wide and 10 long 40 centimeters make a roll, and tied it with a string. Sit on a flat, hard surface, and set the roll so that it’s below the back when you lie down, the level just below the navel. Legs should be relaxed, shoulder-width apart and your feet are so bent that the thumbs touching.


Fully extend your arms above your head and turn your palms so that they are on the floor.


Then simply stay in this position for five minutes! Although it does not require any physical activity, initially will be a bit uncomfortable, especially in the area of the arm. But you get used to, you will feel very relieved back pain.


The first results of the waist size are more noticeable after the fifth day.

Here is the video whit details about the

Remeber: Just Lie Down And Inches At The Waist Will Disappear