Treatment For All Possible Diesase – Hijama!!!!!

Hijama is considered to be one of the best natural remedies yet unknown to many people. It doesn’t matter whether it is physical or mental health issue, Hijama is guaranteed to effectively treat any kind of health concerning problem.

From small health problems such as insulin in the pancreas to incredibly complicated health issues such as heart attacks and kidney failure, Hijama is proven to work against every sickness and disease there is. That is where this famous quote came from saying.

Hijama – a cure for everything except death

The quote itself is proving the efficiency of the Hijama treatment. Some people have reported to be cured from cancer, diabetes, blindness and many fatal health issues.

The procedure is also known as the traditional Babylonian procedure named “bekam” or “gua-sa” in Chinese. The procedure can be performed anywhere on the body but the most common place is the back. The treatment alleviates pain from six different body points. It involves pinching holes with a needle and then cupping the holes and creating vacuum with a pump.  Then a tight seal is created and the cup is left to cling the skin for a few moments than it is removed and put back when blood starts flowing. Although extraordinary, the procedure itself is considered to be an “energy medicine” as it works wonders in unclogging the meridians in the body. Some practitioners also believe that this procedure can alleviate demonic possession and even black magic.

It is believed that the blood that lies beneath the skin is filled with toxins that are responsible for the health issues of the patient. That is why when the clogged blood comes out, the patient immediately feels relieved.

The method is extremely useful in shoulder, head, face, throat,ear, nose and eye pain. Some of the other benefits it has is:  

  • enabling better blood flow in the brain
  • healing old blood vessels
  • Stimulating the work of the saliva and liver
  • healing numbness in back, neck and feet
  • heals migraine
  • stimulates blood flow and boosts the immune system
  • heals common flu
  • treats nerve pain
  • regulates blood pressure
  • cleanses the body of “bad blood” aka blood mixed with toxins
  • cleanses the body from toxins
  • helps greatly restoring memory
  • prevents brain issues

Many studies have shown that Hijama is the cure that many claim to be holy. Hijama is also mentioned in old and holy Islam books that talk about the procedure as a treatment that was told by holy prophets to humans for it is divine healing powers.

Although the Hijama treatment has a huge number of benefits, the side effects are also worth mentioning. Many patients have experienced post therapy light-headedness like the one you get when donating blood. Another risk is skin infection and blood clotting, so staying awake during the procedure is always advisable. In any case, do not attempt the Hijama treatment yourself at home. Of course, the procedure will cost you, but working with an experienced professional is better than risking many health issues. As much as the Hijama treatment can help you, it can also cause you many problems as well. So be sure you’re working with a professional in order to experience the amazing procedure that some dare to call “holy”!