We Should All Know These 7 Things About Our Blood Type!

There are four blood types: A, B, O, and AB. Your blood type can tell a lot about you and your health and what types of foods you should be consuming.

We Should All Know These 7 Things About Our Blood Type!

1. Foods that are good for your blood type:

  • Type A

Vegetarian eating regimen combined with chicken, fish, and yogurt. You should stay away from spicy foods, legumes and coffee and keep yourself hydrated.

  • Type B

Dairy, vegetables, fish, grai

  • Type O

Vegetables, meat, fish, and fasting. Stay away from processed foods, over-eating and dairy.

  • Type AB

This is viewed as the current blood classification, and in this manner they can process anything proficiently. Its is prescribed to eat natural, fresh food, as eating processed foods will lower your energy.

2. Personality and blood type:

  • Type A: leaders, organized, compassionate, efficient
  • Type B: flexible, meditative, action oriented, friendly
  • Type O: attentive, practical, empathetic, assertive
  • Type AB: strong, rational, forward thinking, calm

3. Stress and blood type:

  • Type A: Prone to high cortisol and take more time to recoup from stress. Consuming plenty of water calms them down.
  • Type B: Mostly quiet, yet achieves the cutoff and has an outrageous swing to large amounts of cortisol. Taking deep breaths brings them back in balance.
  • Type O: Prone to an upheaval of outrage, as a result of their primordial family. Picturing something tranquil reestablishes peace.
  • Type AB: Handles stress extremely well, can wind up disappointed even under the least favorable conditions. Action like walking discharges developed pressure.

4. Fat:

  • Type A: Accumulates fat from sugar and meat.
  • Type B: Not well affected by bread and fried foods.
  • Type O: Eating irregularly makes them fat.
  • Type AB: Inactivity makes them fat.

5. Mate:

  • RH Factor is the second most imperative blood group framework. A.K.A. RH Factor, RH Negative, RH Positive, which alludes to the D antigen as it were.
  • RH negative does not have the D antigen and RH positive has the D antigen.

The RH variable can bring about complexities in pregnancy, for example,

  • Breakdown of red platelets
  • Erythroblastosis Fetalis -delivering immature red platelets, in the baby

This happens when the baby or the fathers’ blood classification is contrary with that of the moms.

6. Transfusions:


  • AB type can receive blood from anyone, but can give to AB.
  • A type can get blood from O or A, and can give to A or AB.
  • B type can get blood from O or B, and can give to B or AB.
  • O type can only get blood from O, and can give blood to all types.

7. Plasma compatibility:

  • AB can just get plasma from AB, and is the all inclusive plasma contributor to any blood gathering.
  • A can get from AB and A, yet can just give to O and A.
  • B can get from AB and B, yet can just give to O and B.
  • O is the all inclusive plasma recipient, however can just give plasma to O.

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