We Should All Know These Things About Our Blood Type!!!!!

We know that good healthy diets habits and healthy life habits with a lot of fresh produce is crucial for overall health.

But, still a lot of people are unaware that our blood type is also important for the health factors and issues. A, B, AB and 0 are the only 4 blood types  and they are formed inside the growing in the womb. So, no changing after that natural process.

Many experts say that every blood type is unique and carries risks for some diseases, losing weight or even character! Learn more on your type and plan ahead good nutrition for the health.

Blood type link to nutrition

 For the whole day, inside the body happens a chemical reaction to everything we ingest and this is really vital for nutrition and digestion. Let’s say, those with type 0 have to eat a lot of proteins like fish and meat.

Type A people do not depend on meat and opt for more veggies.

Type B need a lot of red meat but not so much chicken and the AB type should eat  lot of sea food and lean meats.

Blood types and links to diseases

Since many antigens form in red blood cells, every blood type differs from the other. So, every type is immune to some diseases, but fragile for others.

Know more on your blood type and prevent health problems.

Blood type and linking to personality

The blood type is possible to affect the character. Those with 0 are really extravagant, creative, social and confident. The A type is confidential, calm and artistic.

The B type is dedicated, strong, goal oriented and AB people are really shy, sweet and reliable, responsible and empathetic.

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