With These Simple Habits Improve Intestinal Health

Undoubtedly, probiotics are excellent for maintaining intestinal health. In this regard, however, we can do a lot more than just add probiotics to your diet.


This is related to the absorption of some habits that you should apply in your daily life.

1. To increase the consumption of fiber

When increase the consumption of more fruits , vegetables and grains in the body are increased and the levels of beneficial intestinal bacteria. We should strive to consume 30 g of fiber daily. This is the equivalent of three cups of black beans.

2. To emphasize whole grains

When we have the opportunity, it is better to consume whole grains. Before long we will see significant improvements in the immune system, metabolism and intestinal health.

3. Exercise for healthy intestines

We can improve the health of the intestine with the help of sport. Thus alleviating inflammatory processes in the body, a variety of beneficial bacteria increases.

4. To stay away from antibiotics

The action of the antibiotics is directed both to the bad, and to the beneficial bacteria in the gut. If you can not avoid accepts them, we must make sure that we take and probiotics.

5. Drink coffee

Coffee acts as a laxative that can be beneficial to intestinal health. The consumption of two cups of coffee per day increases the levels of Bifidobacterium in the intestine, thereby reducing these harmful bacteria.

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