A paste of onions treat swelling and pain !

Alternative medicine considers onions extremely valuable and healthy commodity that affect healing of the body.

Along with that it helps for colds, high blood pressure, onions have anti-inflammatory effects and acts against fungi, stress and fatigue, in addition to being effective in many other ways.

For the preparation of pasta you need only a glimmer of spring onion.

Sore throat

Cut the onion into small pieces, you can add salt and ginger and all together put it in a bag or a cotton cloth and heat it. Wrap all this in another cloth or towel and place the patient’s part (head, chest, hand or back).

Swelling of the legs

Boil the onion a few minutes. Place in a blender (add a little water if necessary) until the mixture is made as paste. Apply the same the swollen leg. This recipe is used hundreds of years and is very effective.

Runny nose

Mash the onions until they expire juice from it. Then soak cotton wool in this juice. Cotton in the form of wet coating put him on the nose and sinuses.