Man Cuts Tree In Half… Then Finds Something He NEVER Expected

People have been known to find interesting items in old trees that have been cut down or knocked down by a storm.

In 2016, a Washington, D.C., man was chopping up an old log with a chainsaw when he stumbled across a shocking and disgusting surprise inside the old tree.

When Ryan Saunders chopped the log in half, he noticed something moving in a small hole at the center of the trunk. Curious about what was inside the tree, he started recording on his cellphone, but he never expected what would slither out of that tree — a severed snake.

Saunders posted the video to Facebook for everyone to enjoy (and be slightly disgusted by).

“So I was cutting some trees down today and this happened,” he wrote as the caption.

When the video started, viewers could tell that there was something stuck in the tree, but it was not immediately clear exactly what that “something” was.

“Oh my God!” Saunders screamed in the video as he realized that it was a snake inside the hole.

Despite having been sawed in half, the snake was still moving … and it was finding its way out of the log.

“I accidentally sawed in half some sort of large snake inside of this log,” Saunders explained on the video. “It is backing itself out. … Holy s***!”

But, when the snake fell to the ground, its head could not be seen. So, Saunders began looking for it and found another part of the snake’s body on the ground near the other half of the log he had sawed in two.

That part of the body was also still moving.

“Still moving. Crazy,” Saunders said.

Watch footage of the incident here: (Warning: strong language and graphic images)



The video was later uploaded to YouTube, and, like a lot of other weird videos, it eventually found itself posted on Reddit, where it has gone viral. By Friday afternoon, the video had more than 3.5 million views on YouTube alone.

One commenter told Saunders that he had made “lumberjack history.”

Be careful, folks. You never know where you might find a slithering snake — especially in Washington, D.C.