What Does The Shape Of Your Foot Say About Your Personality?

The feet and toes are different in everyone. But, did you know they are connected to our personality in an interesting way? A research shows that the shape our foot has says a lot about our personality.

Here are several shapes and their connection to the personality:

1)The Roman Foot

This is the most common shape in people. The first three toes are in a straight line. These people are usually social and friendly. They have an outgoing personality, love discovering new surroundings and cultures and love leaving their comfort zone.

2) The Peasant Foot

All of the toes on this foot are of the same length. It’s a type of foot shape which is steady, but it seems angular. It’s a very rare foot shape. These people are reasonable, calm and very practical. They’re also very trust-worthy as well as reliable on serious matters.

3) The Greek Foot

It’s a type of foot called the Fire or Flame Foot. The second toe is usually larger than the big toe. These people have a great tendency to become very strong leaders. They are artistic and very emotional. It’s a common foot shapes in people who are athletes.

4) The Egyptian Foot

It’s one of the most common shapes. The toes should form a perfect line together. The longest one is the big toe. The other four descend at an angle of 45 degrees. People who have this kind of a foot have great mood swings. They can be really mysterious and are great loners. They usually don’t like revealing things about them or their own secrets.